How A Fling Could Be The Best Thing For Your Ego!

Fling dating websites

“A fling could easily boost your self esteem to the sky”

Having a fling can be fun but they also can do heaps to improve how you feel about yourself on the inside. Fling dating websites for meeting women are growing in popularity and it really is no surprise, what can be more exciting than two willing adults embarking on a passionate fling? They offer so much both in terms of giving you the excitement and the way that the sex makes you feel about yourself. There is one caveat about these fling internet dating sites, many fling website reviews promote fake sites for finding flings. This can be avoided with proper screening of the reviews. There are some effects of having a fling. Let’s explore these effects and learn, why joining fling dating websites for meeting women could be the right choice for you.

Thinking about the reason for the fling

Before jumping into an affair of course you should think about why you want to do it. Is it the rebound thing? Are you trying to make an ex feel jealous or maybe it’s just something to occupy yourself? A fling can be great fun but make sure that you are jumping into it with an understanding of what you want to come out of it and for the right reasons. If you have had bad sexual experiences in your past or even as a child and want to have a fling to somehow make things better, then I would advise against it. As long as you feel that you are emotionally stable to partake in no strings sex with a woman, then that’s fine and you should enjoy yourself. Many people think that meaningless sex can affect a person’s self esteem in a negative way. I feel in most cases that’s not true. A fling can be an amazing thing for your ego and can make you feel emotionally secure for a number of reasons.

Feeling attractive to somebody

fling dating websites

“You start feeling attractive”

When you are on fling dating websites for meeting women, you search for profiles and contact them if you find them physically attractive. When you get chatting to this person or if they contact you, it can be a huge confidence boost because it means that they want to have sex with you purely based on what they see. When we meet someone in a bar for example, we look for a lot of things to see if they are potential partners – not just the way that they look. When it comes down to a fling, it’s 100% down to your looks and knowing that somebody fancies you can do wonders for your ego. In a relationship, we often lose that feeling of attractiveness, which is why more people are turning to casual sex instead. There is a certain something attached to sex, particularly with men where when they have it regularly they instantly grow in confidence and it makes them feel validated as a man. Men are more stable to have regular sex with somebody without feeling the emotional attachment that can burden many women and end in heartbreak. The reason that many marriages fail is due to a lack of sex in the relationship and this is because this can often lead to a feeling of worthlessness. The only thing to keep in mind is how many sexual partners you actually have and how many times you participate in the activity itself. The more that you get sex, the more that you will want it which will lead to promiscuity and possibly dangerous situations. I recommend finding one or two sexual partners that you feel very comfortable with and who boost your self esteem. Fling dating websites for meeting women is a great way to do this because you know that everybody is signed up for the same reasons.

Having many sexual encounters can give you experience and skill

chemistry is right

“With experience comes wisdom”

Another reason why casual flings can give your ego a boost is because you are becoming more and more skilled in bed. The more times you have sex, the better you become at it. It is a little like the saying “practice makes perfect.” If you know you are good at sex, it is guaranteed to be a major confidence boost for you. Reading up on techniques and even watching porn can also improve your skills which will keep both you and your lover satisfied. Foreplay is key in satisfying a woman which will make her want to come back for more. Also, remember not to become arrogant because of your skills in the bedroom, this is an unattractive trait and will turn women off. While having a lot of sex is fun and exciting, you should always make sure that you are being careful. The last thing you want to happen if for your fling to turn into you becoming a dad in nine months time or a nasty disease that is guaranteed to ruin your sex life for some time.

Keeping it fun and flirty avoids soul crushing arguments

The good thing about having a fling is that it is all very casual and about the passionate sex, much like the early stages of a relationship without the commitment. Long term relationships lead to arguments and the sex can dwindle to almost nothing. Bitter arguments are not going to do anything positive for your self esteem which is why flings are so important for giving you the ego boost that you need. This is why signing up for websites to meet women for casual sex can be the right choice for you, the women are not looking for a relationship and will not expect anything from you other than sex. You can experience all the fun parts of a relationship and all the passion without having to worry about the bad points that go with it. This can be a major confidence boost and can make you feel content with yourself.

Can it lead to more?

“A fling can always lead to more”
A fling can lead to more but the majority of people who are just searching for fun and an ego boost prefer to keep it casual. Obviously you can’t help who you fall for and if the chemistry is right and you want to take things in a relationship then go for it. I know several people who have had a fling that has turned into a happy and committed relationship. If this happens for you however, you need to be prepared for the fallout that could happen. If you do decide to split up, you will not just lose them as a partner but as the lover that they once were also so keep this in mind if you want to take things further.


A fling is more than just consensual sex between two parties and it is much more than the pleasure involved. Fling dating websites for meeting women can improve your self esteem and your confidence in a variety of ways. If you think that your ego needs a boost but aren’t sure how to go about it, then consider a fling to give you everything that you need emotionally and physically. We all have the need inside us to feel attractive and wanted; nothing quite does this like exciting sex with somebody that you hardly know. It can reaffirm who you really are and that you are worth something. If your fling leads to something more than that can be an even bigger boosts to the way that you feel.

How To Stay In Touch With Old Flames You Met Online

“Getting in touch with an old flame”

“Getting in touch with an old flame”

Just about any master player keeps an ample collection of female’s telephone numbers at his disposition. The ready-made notion of having a “little black book” is not completely cliché. A major part of the player’s game is keeping old flames alive. Many are already pretty skilled seducers and knows who to meet, what to look out for in a woman and how to get laid online all the time. However, he might not always be lucky and as he gets older, certain skills and interests may have changed. Irrespective of a man’s ability to hook up with women, there will be a time when the water briefly runs dry. But instead of accepting the obscure and unproven, he would rather consult his list. Immediately, there is a lot more to this balancing action than merely phoning a number.

Be Careful When Rekindling the Flames

To begin with, an old flame can have great variations: it can be an ex girlfriend or simply a lady who devoted one very passionate night to you. Subsequently, you need to exercise caution; you cannot just approach a woman without knowing her current position and availability. It will be tough maintaining a fresh start that stays untarnished by bitterness and resentment. Enjoying a mind-blowing rendezvous with the very same girlfriend at a later date will require tactfulness. There needs to be an adept, discerning hand to stir up the flames of passion without slipping through emotional pitfalls.
There is a specific method for keeping in contact with past romantic friends. With no suitable operating process, you might quite easily give the lady the wrong impression. This would mean that you will be left scraping the base of the barrel. You have labored way too long and hard to run your player’s business from the bottom up, so stick to the tips on how to stay in touch with old flames you met online in mind.

Maintain a Casual Conversation

“Know how to have a casual conversation”

“Know how to have a casual conversation”

Once your plan is to contact a lady whose intimate company you relished at a past date, you should steer clear of any action that might show your desperation or determination to get back with her. Do not let her hear the yearning in the tone of your voice, even if you missed her dearly. It’s easy to miss someone you used to hook up online with (see stories at, but a better hookup strategy is to make sure you stay in touch to never feel that feeling! Therefore, no matter the method of contact you choose, whether email, text or phone, your tone must stay lively, simple and maybe somewhat inert. The truth is, maybe you could envision getting in touch on an impulse. You could claim that on seeing an item in a store window, a remembrance was sparked and you wanted to see how she was doing. Firstly, this is a great way of sending the right message from the very beginning. And secondly, your intelligently worded greeting will most likely indicate to her that she made an impression. This is the known as the balancing act, and if you slip on either side, there is very little hope of recovering unscathed. Once you perceive that something is wrong, cut loose without delay.

Synchronize Potential Encounters

“Meeting her accidently”

“Meeting her accidently”

Chance encounters present an excellent opportunity to gratify each other once again. Unfortunately, chances only come by chance, and there is never a guarantee that this would happen. If you are cunning, you can aid this delightful phenomenon by perhaps including your pals in the act or by operating inside of her circle. With regards to the former, you can make your friends suggest a cool upcoming party for her to attend. If you are more hands-on, you could host that party yourself! On the other hand, one of the simplest methods of staying in constant but casual communication with your old flame is to link with her buddies. Clearly, this demands proactive guidance from you, as you will need to become acquainted with her closest friends prior to rekindling intimate relations with that one special girl. This is an excellent approach for every ladies’ man. In fact, you will eliminate the bad feelings and disappointments of the past.

Try To Preserve the Platonic Side of Your Relationship

“Maintain a strict Platonic relationship”

“Maintain a strict Platonic relationship”

Just because the two of you have reunited again does not mean that sexual activity should be part of the process. In reality, if you want to continue to keep her indexed in your little black book, you will have to accept that sex cannot become a principal aspect of the relationship all the time. Most likely, it will not take long for her to catch on to what your motive is. Subsequently, it will not be long before she ignores you, or worse, there is a good chance that you could be labeled as being an awful, callous pervert. Therefore, agitating an old flame can come after you have had a casual chat and coffee, a date and maybe a few friendly telephone discussions. Take it that you are mere acquaintances who stay on great terms with each other, but certainly not dating. Like everything else, there has to be a balance. You have to be meticulous and exercise a great deal of patience. If you are unable to keep up with this, then it is better not to bother that to create a whole mess. Women hold an uncanny skill of perception, skimming out men who have only one desire. However, a passionless relationship, without physical contact, conveys your enjoyment of genuinely spending time with her.

Maintain Your Visibility

“Be easily visible to her”

“Be easily visible to her”

A man who is seeking a life long partner, will usually discard unsuccessful encounters mainly because they no longer present any purpose. That said, the guy who desires to indulge in the pleasures of the female form with no problems or commitment, must stay in the spotlight. Just because you are dating a different woman does not mean that past flings are beneath your realm. You should always aim to stay in occasional contact with all your best women. It is a great idea to give them a telephone call once in a while to find out how things are going and maybe send an email now and then. In this light, you will remain on the field, getting ready to make another move. Keep up the communication as this keeps the flames warm until you are ready to heat things up again.

Avoid Giving Her a Bad Impression of You

Provided you want to rekindle the old flames, there are steps that you will have to take to ensure that you leave a good impression of yourself all the time. While you may be an expert on how to get laid online, you do not want your hookup flings to obscure your casual relationships somehow. If you are back in your ex’s spotlight, you may want to tone down on the other girls a bit. Well, at least while she is around. There are many women available for hookups online, and because you are an experienced player and know how to get laid online, mean that is exactly what you are going to do. Who knows, probably you might encounter a good friend of hers online, or maybe she will come in contact with your profile. This will leave a negative impact on what you are trying to accomplish with her even if you are serious about connecting with her. Your needs have to be fulfilled, yes, but you have to exercise wisdom as well.

Well, after wriggling back into a lady’s life, you want to avoid making the same mistakes again. If your relationship had died down due to loss of interest, then maybe things will be better as you are both more experienced and mature in age. Unfortunately, most women will be cautious and may retract when they realize that you are trying to get back into their lives. This is because if you had hurt them in the past, they do not want the same troubles to repeat a second time around. The best thing that you can do is to keep your little black book intact. Take your time to contact and get to know your ex all over again. As with all good things, you will have to be determined to succeed. But with determination, patience and wisdom, you may very well accomplish your goal.

The Top Android Apps of 2013

So you’ve got yourself one of the latest Android phones and are super excited about all the apps floating around there? If you didn’t here there are over 700,000 of them to choose from, you’re in for quite the surprise. So how do you check out each one of them on your phone? You don’t. Just check out some of these best apps for the year 2013 and you will be well set to use your Android phone to the maximum of its capacity.

AppGarden Lite

If you are looking to start you year off with a band, this lightweight application is the one or you. The app is compatible with a whole range of utilities and has some great options such as the barcode scanner as well as a password generator. Some other interesting features included in the app are calorie calculator, Urban Dictionary, currency calculator, tip calculator, stop watch and the QR Scanner.


With a shiny new Android smart phone, there is no doubt that you would want to get downloading quickly. And while there are more than a few BitTorrent clients on the internet, this one is really easy to use and also doesn’t crash. Apart from this, it also gives users to pause as well as resume downloads when necessary. The app is neat, simple and really easy to use.

“aDownloader” android app.

“aDownloader” android app.

Auto Memory Manager

Hey, if you feel your phone’s turned into a complete mess after loading up on those downloads, you’re not alone. In fact, the app Auto Memory Manager is meant to sort out this very problem. This application gives you detailed information about your memory usage and lets your prioritize memory allocation as well. Considering the fact that this app, again, is completely free, it is quite a handy addition to your phone.

History Eraser Pro

An internet enabled smart phone is bound to have a lot of junk files because of all the browsing. History Eraser Pro is an app that makes it easy to collect and delete all these files in one go. From browser history to text messages, the app provides information on all your files making it much easier to delete files that are not in use. This is surely another effective way to boost your phone’s performance.

History Eraser Pro for Android

History Eraser Pro for Android

Launcher Pro

If you are looking to expand the capabilities of your Android phone, Launcher Pro is the app to go with. It helps you get more customization options hence making your phone more versatile. This also helps users launch apps at a much faster rate. For example, this app gives you the power to create up to seven home screens. This way, you can gain access to more apps than your phone originally allowed you to.

Trust: How to build strong trust into your relationship 

A good relationship is based on trust that is as solid as hard rock. This is especially important in marriage. It is this trust that keeps couples together no matter what problems or hardships may creep in. Frank communication between couples paves way for trust. Love and sex alone are not enough to keep a marriage going. Hundreds of couple seek counselling because they are having trust issues. While counselling helps in general issues your personal problems need to be tackled by yourself and you start building a relationship based on trust.

Always feel free to talk to your partner and also learn to listen. When in a new relationship don’t delve on past issues into the new relationship. We always tend to bring our past hurts and issues with us. This way we are carrying over out mistrust and anger and spilling it on this one. Be patient and show your partner you care.

Always listen to your partner especially if he or she has some things to confess and make sure not to discuss this with friends or family. If the come to know of it they would be hurt that you broke his trust. Try to spend time with your partner in person instead relying of the internet and mobile.

How to Building Trust in Your

How to Building Trust in Your

Keep up promises and as far as possible do no let your partner down especially with small assurances like meeting or calling him or her. They go a long way in strengthening trust between couple. Do not hesitate to apologise for your mistakes introduce your partner to friends and relatives because this really builds a strong trust in your relationship.

Sometimes relationships remain stagnant. As trust grows try new things, like a little adventure, something different that can help you to understand everything about your partner. This will expose your relationship to a variety of situations, which will help understand and expose the core of the person. This is important to strengthen trust in a relationship if it has to be long lasting.

Trust also does mean having to say yes, I agree to all your partner’s needs. You have to learn to say a no firmly but without hurting the sentiments of your partner. Sometimes refusing to be dominated actually builds trust in relationship.

If your relationship is going to work you need to be able to trust your

If your relationship is going to work you need to be able to trust your

Empathy is another factor that builds trust. Believe in each other and always think positive. Have the courage to own up to your mistakes and try apologising. Saying sorry often works wonders and soon you will see that your partner too starts acting in the same way.

Never compare relationships and previous partners or even family. Each one is different and you have to build your relationship only based on the merits and demerits of your partner. This is just as much as you hate being compared to your partner’s mother or father or ex-spouses.

Trust is a foundation and love and happiness are built on it. Keep it strong and healthy and this will create so much security that you will enjoy freedom and happiness in your relationship.

Dealing with Death in the Family

Grief and death go hand in hand. Even though we know that death is inevitable and cannot be avoided, the loss of a close family member or friend always makes us go through a series of unpleasant emotions.

Most of us go through myriad emotions as we try to deal with death in the family. One day, we may try to avoid feeling helpless and in pain and on another day feel that there is nothing we can do but to get back to normal life. Life changes irrevocably and it takes time to accept the inevitable and move on.

Grieving – A Healing Process

Dealing with death in the family is an intense process that also takes us towards the path of healing and recovery. Grieving is the way to break through intense anguish that plagues us at the thought of a life without our loved one who has passed on. We feel that we have been severed of a deep and comforting connection. The only way to get over this pain is to grieve.

Remember that you are not forgetting the person who has passed on by moving forward. You can still miss a person and continue to enjoy life. There is no sense of betrayal involved in gathering and piecing together your shattered emotions. It just means you have run through the course of grief and your emotions have stabilized.

It's normal to go through the grieving process of

It’s normal to go through the grieving process of


Common Grief Responses

Though each one of us has our own way of dealing with death in the family, there is a common thread of responses to grief people share. People undergo different stages of grief as they try to cope with and transcend feelings of grief due to a death of a loved one in the family. The first step is usually denial as the grieving person refuses to accept that the dead person is no more. This is usually followed by anger at the situation followed by depression. After a period of depression that may last for any amount of time depending on the mental strength and stability of the grieving person, there is finally a sense of acceptance and peace.

To handle and deal with grief associated with death in the family, it is necessary to understand the negative emotional, physical and spiritual impact of stress. Some of the practical guidelines that could ease the grieving process and place us at the path of recovery include spending time with others, taking good care of our bodies and reaching for spiritual help and support.

While dealing with their own

While dealing with their own


There is no doubt that the death of a family member is a heart rending, shattering experience. If not dealt with in a balanced manner, this could have far-reaching implications. It is not however impossible to handle the emotions effectively and bring your life back on track.


Housing: When is the Right Time to Buy a House

Those who want to buy a house can save a substantial amount of money by buying at an appropriate time when the price of houses is comparatively lower. January is the ideal month to search and buy a house. During the month of January because of the uncomfortable weather conditions people may not move out much in search of a house. As a result number of buyers will be comparatively less. Those who want to then sell their houses during winter will be more flexible since there won’t be too many buyers and also after the Christmas and New Year celebrations they will be desperately in need of cash.

One must know about the rent ratio at the time of buying a house. When the rent ratio is around 10 that is the best time to buy the house whereas, when the rent ratio is around 20 one has to spend more to buy a house. During spring the housing market will be very busy. Since the demand for houses will be more during this period the prices are comparatively higher.

The prices of houses are comparatively lower when the economy is slow. When the world economy passes through an uncertain period there will not be many buyers for houses who buy for the purpose of investments. Hence, for those who want to own a house, this is the appropriate time since they can get the house at the best price. By going through the financial reviews, one can understand the trend of the market. When the economic conditions are bleak and the threat of unemployment is there, the prices of houses will crash. Buyers can get their deal finalized for the most comfortable prices during such periods.

Is now the right time to buy a

Is now the right time to buy a

When house rents show an upward trend there will be more buyers who bent to buy-to-let. During such times, the prices of houses will be much higher and is not a favorable time for those who want to buy a house. When the economy passes through a recession and public sector cuts are there the buy-to-let business also will be affected. When investors for buy-to-let are very active, there will be vigorous bargaining in the market. However, the property value will be less during such periods and that will be advantageous for those who want to buy a house.

When the trend of capital values is not clear and there is uncertainty, the property prices will be showing a downward trend. When economic growth really starts and household income starts rising, property values will show an upward trend. At that time those who buy houses will have to pay higher prices.

When buying and selling a

When buying and selling a

When the economy starts showing a downward trend those who want to buy a house should move fast and buy the house at the best prices. The investors who are in the buy-to-let business will try to make maximum sadvantage of this kind of situations and they will actively bargain for all houses that are to be sold. Hence the real buyers must act fast during such times.

My Top 3 TV Shows This Year

I am a great big fan of reality TV shows. Well, some times it seems like everyone and their mothers have a reality TV series out there; but some shows really stand out for me. Let’s face it, most of the reality TV series out there are scripted and it can be very frustrating to watch a show that is supposed to be “reality” but seems like a show that has the actors mouthing written lines – ugh! I prefer to watch reality TV show contests; this way, you know that the contestants on the show are ready to claw their way to the top and will create pure drama.

Here are my top 3 TV shows this year:

Project Runway

The host of the show, Heidi Klum, is not only hot, but she also knows her onions. The show is about giving aspiring designers the opportunity to show the world how creative they are in constructing garments. The show offers contestants the opportunity to showcase their designs and also stand a chance to win seed money to start up their own clothing line. Think about it, as an aspiring designer I really find this show very wonderful as it gives young designers hope. This show has showcased wonderfully talented designers such as Kara Saun, Santino Rice, Daniel Franco etc

American Idol

This show is one of my favourites. I have always been a sucker for Cinderella stories. This show helps youngsters who are very talented find the spot light. These young artists come into the show as nobody’s and leave famous – and with a pocketful of cash! This show gives young (and sometimes mature) people the opportunity to become household names and make them better artistes. This show has produced musical talents such as Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson etc You do not have to be a college graduate to make a million bucks; this show offers contestants the chance to use their musical talents to make money.

With the UK series of X Factor

With the UK series of X Factor

So You Think You Can Dance

This show is one of my favourite reality TV show that offers dancers the opportunity to dance their way to fame and fortune. This show has introduced Americans to very talented dancers. There is nothing more fascinating and interesting as watching someone rise from the bottom straight to the top – it gives aspiring dancers hope that they can rise to the top too. This show also offers the contestants the opportunity to work with and learn from the industry veterans.

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance

The aforementioned shows are my top 3 tv shows this year. Well, these reality tv shows might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy watching them and rooting for my favorite contestants.